Operating theaters

Operating rooms that meet the highest standards of sterile environment

Solutions with ultra-clean air

Ventilation of operating theaters requires ultra-clean air – free of germ-bearing particles that can cause infections. JS ventilation supplies both systems with conventional ventilation and ventilation with so-called laminar air-flow (clean air ventilation). In both solutions, the supplied air is passed through intensive bacteria filters – and at the same time the capacity must be extremely high with up to 20 times the air change per hour.

Limit values ​​for sterile environments

The sterile environment of an operating theater requires compliance with limit values ​​for germ content (microorganisms), which in certain areas – where the patient is – should be below 10 cfu / m3.

On average, the entire operating theater, where there may be 5-6 persons present at a time, will have a germ content in the air of less than 100 cfu / m3. This is ensured by high-performance ventilation systems and is of great importance in certain types of operations, where the risk of infections in the wounds is extra high. This goes for, for example heart surgery, certain vascular surgery and neurosurgical operations.