International contracting

Exciting and demanding contracting in Greenland

For a number of years JS ventilation has been contracting in Greenland where we have strategic business partners within plumbing, electricity and isolation ensuring the substantial network required to deliver such contracts at times of particular weather- and transport conditions.

Water culture and power
One of the latest contracts concluded by JS ventilation is at the Katuaq Culture Centre in Nuuk, which houses the first and so far only swimming pool in Greenland.

The hydro electronic plant of Qorlortorsuaq has equally been ventilated from A-Z by JS ventilation and we have also concluded a number of contracts with the hospital of Nuuk.

AJS ventilation – a joint venture in Bangladesh

As of today, the market of professional ventilation and cooling is depending on foreign interaction on all accounts. JS ventilation has seen exactly this turning point as the real business. Export of ventilation solutions and systems from Denmark to Bangladesh is not a long term business opportunity.

Transferring technical assistance and training from Denmark to Bangladesh and setting up a joint business project with ABG Interlinks Ltd. is a business project with a completely different set of far reaching prospects.

ABG Interlinks Ltd. and JS ventilation´s partnership, is offering a fresh and very focused approach to the market of ventilation equipment. Dedication to this project is apparent and the single most important factor for a good start, communication is working out splendidly between both partners. Coherent, precise and immediate are characteristics for the interaction between both companies.

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JS Koncept a/s

In Denmark, the “Smart Ceiling” solution has been met with great interest, and therefore JS Ventilation A/S, 1 July 2017, established the subsidiary JS Koncept A/S with a prime focus on export. We chose to name the product “Smart Ceiling” outside Denmark’s borders. Preliminary contacts or cooperation agreements have been established in Germany, Austria, Norway and Dubai in UAE.

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