Elictricity & Automation

All the electronic competencies guaranteeing operational reliability and high performance

Automatic devices control the installation with high performance, when most needed while saving energy during periods with low ventilation needs. JS ventilation has an electricity department with skilled electricians performing all kinds of installations with both high and low voltage urrents. Among our core competencies are the automatics adapting operations to the varying needs for ventilation existing in most companies and rooms. Our Electricity department have successfully developed and mounted automatic installations including automatic panels and the elaboration of all the required documentations for a number of years.

Automatics remember it all

JS ventilation offer the excellent technical competencies of Automatics ensuring the best output of a ventilation system programmed to run efficiently and save energy, while being precisely aligned with the actual needs. This avoid being reliant on human memory to turn on/off or modify the system. Automatics always remember to the right thing every time!

Automatics is your guarantee for a reliable and energy efficient ventilation

Ventilation systems are so sophisticated, that automatic controlling is important in order to benefit from all the advantages.

The requirements of a modern ventilation system are numerous. It has to take into account the indoor environment and working conditions of the staff, ensure that production is carried out in the best possible way while protecting the products.

Thus, the installation operates on the basis of the below various factors which, with advantage, can be controlled via automatic devices:

  • CO2 level in the air
  • Potential contamination with particles or hazardous substances
  • Temperature and air humidity fluctuations due to varying number of people
  • Air current, draughts and natural ventilation such as open windows etc.