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Garages efficiently managing air circulation and critical substances

The working environment is encumbered by many factors, hence the requirements regarding ventilation in garages are extremely severe

Garages are working environments, where most staff can be exposed to exhaust gases, oil fumes, solvents, welding fumes, grinding dust, polishing and wax products etc.

This is the reason why ventilation requirements are extremely severe. As an example, the air must be changed 3 times per hour in the in the working zone during work hours, and additionally 1 hour before and 1 hour after, and finally only ventilation with fresh air is allowed.

Process ventilation at the source, room ventilation manages the rest!

Pollution must be removed at the source via process ventilation, which is an installation where the extraction is controlled by mechanical ventilators capable of removing the pollution at the source such as e.g. exhaustion gas.

Another purpose of the room ventilation is to replace the extracted air from the process ventilation, thus ensuring a well-balanced air quality in the room. It is equally important, that the new air is fresh and evenly distributed in the room, and finally that the air has an appropriate temperature, so staff do not feel draught