Home ventilation meeting the requirements as to a healthy indoor environment

Ventilation systems with heath recycling solve two of the futures most important challenges

The latest requirements, regarding air changes, stipulated in the new Building Code can be difficult to meet with traditional fresh air valves and general natural ventilation.

Ventilation is particularly important in pursuance of reducing moisture, which has to be lower than 45 % in order to reduce the risk of dust mites and mould. The solution is an automatic ventilation system with heath recycling. Such system ensures, that the home is well ventilated 24/7, so you do not need to remember to open windows or doors to allow outdoor air replace indoor air. Not only is all the fresh air entering the home filtered from dust pollen and fungal spores, it is also warmed up to a pleasant temperature.

Heath recycling prevents costly energy bills

Simultaneously you will experience significant savings on heating consumption, since a heath converter exploits the energy of the extracted air.
A common natural ventilation, especially during winter, will decrease the indoor air temperature drastically. Obviously, the decreased air temperature must hereafter be increased by use of radiators or under floor heating – leading to even more costly energy bills.