Sports arenas

Sport halls and swimming pools with comfort and excellent performances

Many people – High capacity

The indoor environment must be impeccable, when many people meet in order to exercise and compete. Therefore, sport halls and swimming pools require ventilation systems with sufficient capacity to ensure comfort and well-being for both the athletes and the spectators.

Specific requirements for swimming pools

High temperatures, moist and evaporation are obviously the most significant challenges, when it comes to swimming pools, where insufficient ventilation can lead to inconveniences for the athletes and damages on the building.

JS ventilation provide solutions, in which this and factors such as the pool size, differences in outdoor and indoor temperatures, number of swimmers, competition specific requirements etc. are taken into account.

Fresh air – more strength

At traditional indoor sports such as e.g. handball, volleyball, badminton and basketball the primary purpose of the ventilation is to ensure sufficient and rapid air circulation. Such activities require fresh air and a convenient temperature for both athletes as well as spectators.