Healthy staff ensure efficient industrial output

A protective and healthy indoor environment increases performance

The impact of the indoor environment for an individual’s performance and well-being is well known. Thus many regulations exist within this area. Industrial production facilities require various kinds of ventilation systems, as it is not only the staff who must be protected.

The manufacturing processes must equally be considered. Clean air, a comfortable temperature and an appropriate air humidity are the primary conditions as to performing a good job and ensure products meet regulatory compliance and functionality.

These conditions can be abided by protecting staff against emissions from production e.g. by placing a local extractor at strategic spots and by establishing a general comfort ventilation regulating the indoor environment.

Optimal conditions for processes and products

Industrial production may require particular air- and temperature conditions e.g. due to materials as well as the quality and preservation of the finished products.

JS ventilation conducts measuring of both the thermal and the atmospheric indoor environment prior to elaboration of your solution.

As regards energy, our proposal also describes the possible recycling and cost reductions prioritized according to return of investment. The ladder may represent a considerable amount depending on the design of the ventilation systems, their lack of functionality and efficiency.