Concert halls/Auditoriums

Koncertsale og auditorier, hvor man nyder de gode oplevelser

When a huge audience is to enjoy theatre, music or other performances the requirements as to ventilation are rather particular

When many people gather, both temperature, humidity and the CO2 levels will increase. Thus, an efficient ventilation is required in order to avoid ”bad air”. However, such ventilation is rather challenging, as the sound in the room may under no circumstances be influenced or disturbed by the ventilation system, although it has to operate with a considerable volume of air.

Creativity and low-noise technologies

Nowadays, the acoustic properties of a room has been so intensively developed, that you might almost hear the so-called pin hit the stage floor. So when JS ventilation deliver a solution of this nature, both creativity and constant use of the most low-noise technologies are key.

Except from the sound stage, the overall comfort of the audience is equally a significant aspect of the experience during a concert or show. The air must be fresh, but the audience must not be subject to draught. Several methods such as e.g. displacement ventilation can ensure these, but this is only one of the options JS ventilation can recommend.