Industrial kitchens

Do you have fresh air and a pleasant working temperature for all kitchen staff?

When cooking a lot of steam and heath are accumulated. The right ventilation system can save you money

Preparation of food is subject to severe requirements as to hygiene and removal of hot humid air, during the entire working process. We all know this from our private housekeeping in which extractor hoods with discharge into outdoor air are now mandatory.

In industrial kitchens the conditions are the same, however in much larger scale, which requires ventilation at a more vigorous level. It is important, both for the staff and the surroundings, that the air of the kitchen is clean and convenient, and that the smell of cooking does not spread to the rest of the building.

Fume extraction versus real ventilation

Nowadays, there is a wide range of good professional fume extractors. But in practice, a genuine ventilation system is much more efficient and profitable with regard to heath recycling.

Cooking appliances and ovens generate much steam and heath. Consequently, the extraction air has a significant higher temperature, than we know from homes, offices or institutions. Due to the elevated temperature, it is rich of energy, which the ventilations system’s heath converter exploits efficiently, which will obviously reduce the energy bill.