Research and laboratory environments with unknown substances and new technologies

Ventilation ensures safety during experiments

Special ventilation is required in laboratories and other research areas, in which experiments with often unknown substances and technologies, take place.

The ventilation must ensure, that staff and surroundings are not harmed by hazardous substances, and that the indoor environment is constantly comfortable with well-temperated air and appropriate air humidity.

Process ventilation and clean room solutions

Laboratories often requires an comprehensive process ventilation in order to protect staff against harmful impacts during work. The solution is, among others, fume cupboards, safety cabinets and local extractors which moreover ensure adherence to the cleaning validation categories of the laboratories.

In practice, the system is equipped with alarms activating light- and sound signals if exceeding predefined limit values or in case of other operational deviations.

Clean Room solutions grant the opportunity to provide a feeble pressure prohibiting penetration of vicinities pollution.