Service apartment

Technical service, which guarantees optimal supply during the life cycle of the installation

Service and maintenance are crucial in order to keep the ventilation system operating and the costs down

Technical service at the highest level is one of the most important conditions for you as a customer in order to ensure maximal benefit of the ventilation installation during it’s entire lifetime.

In fact the ventilation system is constructed to operate – often constantly – and therefore the system must be correctly adjusted. This ensures performance at the wanted level, and that energy consumption is kept under control.

The long-term consideration as regards the service area is also part of our work as is our consultancy to your company. Much money can be saved by doing the right thing in the right time.

The VENT-arrangement guarantees high quality

All technicians and service engineers at JS ventilation are accredited according to the VENT guidelines.

VENT is the special control arrangement established by The Danish Technological Institute in collaboration with Danish Energy Agency, Federation of Manufacturers of Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary and Metering Equipment and the Association of Danish Ventilation Engineers. This guarantee you the best possible advice regarding the technical aspects of the installation.