Tertiary sector

Does your office have fresh air and comfortable working temperature for everybody?

Large-space offices challenge employers

Modern large-space offices, especially if furnished with many glass panes, impose significant demands regarding indoor environment as satisfactory working conditions for staff must be ensured.

Air quality and temperature are inflicted by the many people and the artificial light, computers and other office equipment in the room. Furthermore, sun- and light increase the temperature during summer. Consequently, the need for cooling and ventilation will equally increase and so will the costs of energy.

All of these challenges can be avoided with the right ventilation system ensuring a convenient working temperature and add fresh, temperated outdoor air without the annoying draught.

Comfort adjusted to the number of staff members

Nowadays, it is technically possible to adjust the ventilation system’s inducement according to the number of people in the room.

There are several other options to ensure the best comfort for your staff, and JS ventilation will continuously provide the solution ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption and best Life Cycle Cost.