Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center

Indoor swimming pool required artistic solution

Since 1843, Tivoli has provided Copenhagen residents with adventures and the large Tivoli Hotel at the heart of the city is no exception.

The hotel was extended in 2015 and, in that connection, an exclusive pool with glass floor was constructed, which is suspended off the top of the hotel facia at a height of 43 meters. Tivoli Hotel then chose to collaborate with AJS ventilation..

The internationally renowned architect Kim Utzon designed a brass sculpture which was to be suspended from the ceiling and provide the housing for the ventilation. We were thus expected to provide air supply fittings which were integrated in the sculpture.

Coming up with a solution was not easy. It would take just the right ventilation to keep humidity at bay and avoid the windows misting up which would have obscured visibility from the glass panels of the suspended, top-floor swimming pool. However, we collaborated closely with the architect in producing the sculpture and thus arrived at a good and efficient solution to an otherwise atypical assignment.

AJS ventilation provided a creative solution which ensures that the guests of  Tivoli Hotel will not miss the views of the Copenhagen rooftops and spires.