Danish Technological Institute

  • High demands on hygiene
  • Fume hoods for a protected working environment

The Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup is a well-known customer of JS ventilation, so when the institute had to create new laboratories, it was obvious that we delivered a solution to the ventilation. Here, the climate ceiling Cool Ceiling was implemented in the laboratories with strict requirements for hygiene, and traditional ventilation in the other rooms, in some rooms fume cupboards were also established.

There are strict requirements for indoor climate in laboratories depending on what needs to be produced, and since these new laboratories had to be built, it was impossible to install radiators because of the high demands on cleanliness. JS ventilation Cool Ceiling was therefore the right solution to use in the rooms with extra high demands on cleanliness.

Cool Ceiling is a ceiling system that reduces floor height, reduces construction time and gives better overall economy. It is fitted over the ceiling and it is therefore not necessary to insert ducts for supplying air diffusers. In the laboratories in Taastrup, Cool Ceiling is tasked with both cooling the ceiling down in the summer, but also heating it up in the winter.

Fume cupboards are reguired in a a large number of laboratory tasks, partly because of the work with harmful substances, or because work is done over a long period of time. The task of the fume cupboards is to remove harmful vapors, monitor the operation so that the user is warned if the exhaust fails.

JS ventilation thus supplied various solutions that could meet all the cleanliness requirements and at the same time create an indoor climate that creates a good working environment.