Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

Luxury suites must always be above standard. This was the reason for Copenhagen Marriott Hotel choosing solutions provided by AJS ventilation when a VIP lounge and five VIP rooms were to be refurbished.

We provided a silent solution which suited the refurbished rooms. This solution blows the air across the plaster ceiling and has designed diffusers which provide the air flow. The diffuser units can either heat or cool the air in the room, which is done almost silently.

This was the right solution as the lighting of the five lovely 11th-floor rooms had been integrated into the plaster ceiling at several levels.

Thus, there was no need to construct ducts above the ceiling through which the air could move, or otherwise compromise the quality of the rooms. The solution provided by AJS ventilation lets the air, which is blown into a pressure chamber across the plaster ceiling, find its own way out.

In other words, it was no problem to AJS ventilation that classical ventilation solutions could not be employed. Instead, we managed to provide a solution which matched the beautiful new VIP areas, both in terms of aesthetics and function.