Behind the scene

New development and professional trade

Professional trade and documentation

Experienced staff members with expertise within service-, trade- and technical sub contracting and use of strategic collaborators on several key areas enable us to realise our vision. JS ventilation guarantees the professional workmanship ensuring, that the completed installation lives up to your expectations and that you receive all the required documentation.

Fresh impetuses and clear thoughts

JS ventilation has delivered system solutions within ventilation, automatics and electricity for 25 years. JS ventilation was established in 1984 and provides system solutions within ventilation, energy management and

CTS/automatic systems primarily for:

  • Industrial productions,
  • Habitations,
  • Industrial kitchens,
  • Sport halls,
  • Schools,
  • Offices etc.

Clean rooms e.g. laboratories, operating theatres and pharmaceutical industry are other Important business areas.

Efficiency and sustainability

As system provider an astute operability, optimal operations and severe control of energy consumptions are key for.

In practice we design, install, test, implement and service our solutions as a complete package. The starting point can be both installation of – and upgrading of existing plants in order to meet future needs as to more efficient and sustainable operations.